Zealous Choreography Dance Choreographer and Artisitic Director Gold Coast

Dreaming BigGold Coast’s Ben Veitch is a hero to these young dancers competing in the Showcase National Dance Championships this weekend on the Gold Coast.

THEY may be small but these young performers are dreaming big, dazzling their way to stardom at the Showcase National Dance Championships with the help of Gold Coast So You Think You Can Dance 2009 finalist Ben Veitch.

More than 2000 dancers from America, New Zealand and Australia are competing in the country’s most prestigious dance event, taking centre stage at Conrad Jupiters this week.

Benora Point Dance Force performer Kyra Harrison, 6, has been performing alongside fellow dancer Alysha Shields, also 6, for more than a year.

Kyra’s mother, former professional dancer Melissa Harrison, said she was delighted that her daughter had followed in her footsteps.

“This is her first time competing in the showcase.

“When she was twirling around the house at the age of two we knew she was going to be a dancer,” said Mrs Harrison.

“I’ve never pushed her into it. She’d seen old dance videos and photos of me.”

National Director Peter Oxford said yesterday’s heat saw some of the smallest talented young dancers on stage in the under-11 solo event.

“We have dancers here aged four to 50 competing this week,” he said. “We have the junior kids, 11 and under to start with, while the bigger kids are doing workshops, then it switches around with groups and duos on Friday.

“This event gives dancers an idea how they are nationally and gets them out of their own little town.”

Veitch held a series of workshops for young dancers, teaching them the vital skills and techniques they need to make it in the industry.

He said he would be launching his first company, Zealous Choreography, which will kick off with a two-day workshop next week.

“I talked to the young kids about being not just a dancer, to tap in to the human aspect of things, because your audience aren’t dancers,” he said.

“I created Zealous Choreography because I’m born and bred on the Gold Coast though I’ve always had to move away for work.”

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